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Our Team - Consultants
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Senior Legal Consultant: Mr. Talaat Khodor

Nationality: Egyptian


·        Bachelor’s Degree in Law in 1978, Almansourah University

·        Worked as a Legal Consultant in Kuwait since 1990

·        Mr. Talaat joined Abdulhamid Alsarraf and Partners Law firm from 2009 to date

·        Member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 1978

·        Member of the Arab Lawyers Union

·        Lawyer pleads in front of the Egyptian Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court


·        Prepare the memorandums, Writs of summons, appeals and the briefs of defense in Civil cases, suits legacies, Commercial, investment, and Bankruptcy

·        Provide verbal and written legal advice for individuals and Corporates and respond to their inquiries.

·        Attend Expertise sessions and discuss expert reports

·        Provide Legal Advice and attend Arbitration sessions

·        Prepare, draft, study and review Contracts and all that is related to (BOT),Contract Shipping—Exploration Contracts- Construction Contracts-Contract related to the development of Oil Fields 


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