Our Team - Consultants
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Consultant Mr. Saed Qabeel

He holds a Bachelor of Law - Specialization: Companies - a business - a civilian - as his extensive experience in the field of all contracts

Consultant : Mr. Adel Abdulmonem

_ holds a Bachelor of Law in 1991 - Faculty of Law / University Aciot_ Specialization: Commercial - labor

Senior Legal Consultant: Dr. Mohammad M. Ramadan

1. Name: Dr. Mohamed M. Ramadan 

2. Position: Legal counsel – Head of International Division

3. Nationality: Egyptian.

4. Qualifying Experience: 22 yrs.

5. Education: B.A. 1994 Law, Juris Doctorate 2008 Criminal Law Canterburry University. 

7. Countries of Work Experience: General Persecution Office in Egypt, DEA Office of Chief Counsel NY., Various Law Firms in Kuwait.

8. Languages: Arabic & English

9. Tasks Assigned: Legal Researcher & writing, legal analysis, prepare, review contracts and regulations, and conducting legal solutions for consultations.

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